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Best Places for Sunsets in Kauai

Kauai, Hawaii is magical island no matter what the hour, but experiencing a Kauai sunset will take your time in Kauai to a whole new level of beautiful! No trip would be complete without experiencing a true sunset on Kauai. If you really want to soak up the beauty, make sure you catch a few sunrises too!

Whether from a mountain peak or relaxing on a picnic blanket on the beach, here are few of the very best places to see sunset on Kauai.

What time is the sunset in Kauai?

Kauai sunset times will vary based on the season; as late as 7:25pm in the summer and as early as 5:53pm in the winter. You can check the time for your desired dates here.

Can you see the sunset in Kauai?

Yes, you sure can! A few remote west shore beaches and lookouts will give you a front row viewing, and other beaches on the other shores will provide gorgeous colors of pink, purple, and blues across the sky.

What side of Kauai does the sunset?

The sun sets on the west side of the island. Due to the nature of Kauai, much of the west side of the island is wild and free and largely inaccessible. We have a few west shore spots to view the sunsets below, but many of our favorites are on other sides of the island where you can’t see the actual sun dip below the horizon, but you can see it’s affects with beautiful colors across the sky.

Where is the best place to watch the sunset on Kauai?

  • South Shore
    • Poipu Beach
    • Shipwreck Beach
    • Salt Pond Beach Park
  • North Shore
    • Hanalei Bay
    • Tunnels Beach
    • Anini Beach
    • Ke’e Beach
    • Kalalau Trail
  • West Shore
    • Polihale Beach
    • Waimea Canyon
    • Kehaka Beach
  • East Shore
    • Lihue
    • Coconut Coast


Poipu Sunset: A Family Favorite!

Shipwreck Beach

Salt Pond Beach Park

Beautiful Sunset on Kauai: Tunnels Beach

Anini Beach

Hanalei Bay Sunset in Kauai

Ke’e Beach

One of the best Kauai sunsets: Kalalau Lookout

While many overlooks and hiking trails give incredible views in Koke’e State Park, the Kalalau Lookout offers a special view of the Na Pali coastline which is only accessible on foot or by boat along the coastline. This peek into the amazing ridge lines is only intensified as the sky fills with the colors of the sunset. This overlook is finicky though! It is often covered in clouds by mid-morning, but worth the effort if you get lucky!

Polihale State Park

This amazing stetch of sand is popular among visitors and locals alike. However, the road to reach Polihale is largely a dirt road and 4×4 vehicles are highly recommended or you might find your rental car stuck in the sand! The sand gets very hot, so take caution and bring plenty of food and water. Swimming is not advised here, but as far as sunsets go, this beach is a hard Kauai sunset to beat.

Waimea Canyon

The red sand and majestic canyon ridges of Waimea Canyon make for a beautiful backdrop for the a sunset in Kauai. Many visitors opt for a spontaenous pull-out at an overlook as they descend down the mountain at the end of a day of hiking. If you are deep into a canyon hike, you won’t be able to see the sun go down. The shadows that occur late in the day allow you to view the canyon from a different and more dramatic perspective. If you head to actual Waimea Town, you will be rewarded with the backdrop of the pier against the unique black sand of the beach.

Kehaka Beach

Kehaka Beach is one of the few accessible beaches on the west side of Kauai, and this stretch of sand is actually the longest in the state. The water can be rough, but it is a great spot for sunset watching and fishing if you are so inclined. Showers, restrooms, picnic tables and a lifeguard are here as well. It is the perfect spot for a long sunset walk on the beach!

East Shore Kauai Sunset: Lihue

Watching the sunset from the east shore means that you can’t actually see the sun dip below the horizon, but you can see the affects of it by the gorgeous pastel colors that spread across the sky. Find yourself a quiet spot in Lihue, we are partial to any view that includes a lighthouse, and watch the show!

Coconut Coast

Further north than Lihue, but still on the west shore, is the Royal Coconut Coast that stretches from Wailua to Kealia. This long section of ocean lined pathways, restaurants and resorts means that you have many choices to make regarding where to plant yourself for sunset in Kauai! Beachside dining at Lava Lava Beach Club, a balcony view from your room at Sheraton Kauai Coconut Beach, a bike ride down the coastal bike path, or a sunset picnic at Lydgate Beach Park are all exceptional choices. I am a huge fan of palm trees silhouetted by the sunset, and you are sure to find that watching a Kauai sunset from here!

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